Online Office Hours

New! After Effects

pick our brain and talk shop!

New! Audio Techniques

make sense of the noise!

New! Docu Gear

pick our brain and talk shop!

New! Filming With Your Phone

tips on how to best use what you already have!

New! Interviewing Techniques

lights, camera, questions!

New! Premiere

pick our brain and talk shop!

Online Workshops

After Effects

primer in motion graphics, animation + effects

After Effects: Titles and Infographics

transform complex info into engaging graphics

New! Art of the Interview (Quarantine Edition)

know how to ask

Audio Fundamentals

sound is not to be underestimated

Audio Storytelling

create your own imageless story exclusively through sound

DaVinci Resolve Color

color correct and finish

Documentary Budgeting

know what to present to funders – and what you’ll spend!

Documentary Grant Writing

secure the funding and support your project deserves

Documentary Theory

contextual approaches to doc filmmaking

New! Documenting in Quarantine

how to tell outside stories from inside

New! Documenting Protests

responsibly create a record!

New! Get Your Film Into Festivals (Quarantine Edition)

film fest foundations and future

New! Impact Producing

for films with a message and a mission

Trailer Editing

coming soon to a workshop near you

Video DSLR

explore your Canon DSLR