start or refresh

After Effects

primer in motion graphics, animation + effects


the industry standard for complex editing projects

DaVinci Resolve

color correct and finish

Final Cut Pro

a powerful self-contained editing software


the gateway for design


Adobe’s integrated editing software

Pro Tools

top-of-the-line audio post-production platform


further your techniques

After Effects: 3D Motion

add dynamic dimensional features and animation

After Effects: Titles and Infographics

transform complex info into engaging graphics

Digesting Codecs

ensure the quality of your deliverables

Docu Edit

craft and cut nonfiction

Premiere: Multi-Cam

switch between points-of-view with ease

First Frame to Final Cut

production to post

Audio Storytelling: Podcasts and Soundscapes

create nonfiction exclusively through sound

Docu Intensive

from first frame to final cut, learn documentary

Green Screen

chroma key in alternative visions

On-Set Media Management (DIT)

wrangle footage

Stop Motion Animation

make ‘em move, one frame at a time