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Audio Fundamentals

sound is not to be underestimated

Camera Fundamentals

a classic. start here.

Lighting Fundamentals

the importance of illumination

Production Week

camera, lighting, audio – take it to the streets


further your techniques

Art of the Interview

lights, camera, questions!

Audio Storytelling: Podcasts and Soundscapes

create your own imageless story exclusively through sound

New! Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro

get to know our new cinema 4K camera!

Camera Movement

extend your range of motion with sliders, dollies, jibs

Choosing a Camera

fixed lens, sensor size, weight – decide which camera to use when

Digital Cinematography

composition + language of cinema

Docu Intensive

from first frame to final cut, learn documentary

Lens Selection

pick the best glass for your best image

Stop Motion Animation

make ‘em move, one frame at a time

Video DSLR

explore the Canon DSLR series