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Audio Fundamentals

sound is not to be underestimated

Camera Fundamentals

a classic. start here.

Lighting Fundamentals

the importance of illumination

Production Week

camera, lighting, audio – take it to the streets


further your techniques

Art of the Interview

lights, camera, questions!

Audio Storytelling: Podcasts and Soundscapes

create your own imageless story exclusively through sound

Camera Movement

extend your range of motion with sliders, dollies, jibs

Choosing a Camera

fixed lens, sensor size, weight – decide which camera to use when

New! Digital Cinematography: Camera

wield a camera with confidence

New! Digital Cinematography: Lighting

harness light to tell your story

Docu Intensive

from first frame to final cut, learn documentary

Stop Motion Animation

make ‘em move, one frame at a time

Video DSLR

explore the Canon DSLR series