Workshops FAQ


Choosing a Workshop

What is the difference between sections and sessions?
A workshop section is a scheduled workshop, and sessions are each time it meets. For example, some sections might meet on a single day (one 6-hour session), and some may meet over the course of two days (two 3-hour sessions). Sections are denoted by letter (A, B, C, etc), and can be found at the bottom of each workshop’s page with their session dates.

I’ve got a group of students I need to register for a Workshop, can you help me?
Our Workshops are geared toward helping individual filmmakers. You’re welcome to register at the same time as a friend or colleague, but if you are interested in having more than two friends or colleagues registered in the same workshop, please see Custom Trainings for Groups and submit any inquiries in the form located on that page. A Workshops representative will contact you with more information.

I’d like to take a private workshop.
DCTV does not currently offer private workshops for individuals. DCTV Workshops is a low-cost public program with set schedules and curricula to serve as many people as possible. For groups looking for something catered to their needs, see our Custom Training.

Does DCTV offer screenwriting and directing workshops?
DCTV’s focus is on documentary filmmaking, and we rarely offer screenwriting and directing workshops.

Should I take a fundamentals level post-production class if I already use the software?
It depends on you and what you’re hoping to accomplish. You may find a fundamentals level workshop to be rudimentary, but if you are taking it to refresh your skills, you may find it helpful. Self-taught individuals often benefit from taking a fundamentals level workshop to be thorough.

I have a film I need help with/cast and crew for. Can you help me make my film/find me cast and crew?
DCTV does not offer this type of support. There are a number of online services that specialize in cast/crew, such as Staff Me Up,, etc. We do, however, have many opportunities to meet fellow makers and potential collaborators, like at a DCTV Workshop or DCTV Presents event! Also stay abreast of NYC filmmaker happenings via our Twitter account.

I haven’t taken the prerequisites for this workshop, can I still take it?
You do not need to have taken the prerequisites at DCTV, but we do require that you have the knowledge and skills covered by the prerequisites. If you don’t, you may struggle in the workshop and deter you and your fellow classmates from a successful learning experience.

I don't understand how your categorize your Workshops. Can you explain?
We offer several formats of workshops:

    Clinics are discussion-based workshops with 15 students max.
    Intensives are longer workshops with the objective of creating original work with 6 students max.
    Labs are programs in which a cohort of pre-selected filmmakers revise and improve their original works.
    Online offerings are in the form of Zoom webinars. Students are made panelists so they can be seen and heard, and they can share their screen if needed.You can find recommended system specs for joining a webinar here. Please note that webinars will be recorded. By registering, you consent to have DCTV record your image and voice, and use such recordings in all media as they see fit.
    The rest of our workshops are hands-on, with a max of 5 students in Post-Production workshops, and 8 in Production Workshops.

Our workshops currently fall into these three categories:

    Producing workshops cover skills, theory and practices to produce, plan, fund, make contracts for, and/or distribute your film.
    Production workshops are hands-on, equipment-based workshops with a 2:1 student to camera ratio.
    Post-Production workshops are hands-on, software-based workshops. Each student works on their own iMac provided.

Some workshops may be cross-listed if they span multiple categories.

Our workshops currently fall under two levels:

    Fundamentals workshops are geared toward beginners as well as practitioners who are looking to brush up on their skills. Fundamentals do not usually have prerequisites. Fundamentals workshops (including Production Week) do not culminate in you leaving with original work.
    Extensions go past the foundational knowledge presented in Fundamentals workshops to further techniques and specify practices and uses of equipment or software. There are often prerequisites for Extensions. With the exception of Audio Storytelling: Podcasts and Soundscapes, Docu Intensive, and some online workshops, Extensions workshops do not culminate in you leaving with original work.

Registering on the Website

I’m a member, but I can’t figure out how to buy a workshop at the member rate.
At the bottom of the workshop page, choose the section for which you would like to register, and select the appropriate price from the drop-down menu. The options are Workshop + Membership, Member Price, and Non-Member Price. You may notice, as a new Member you save $25 on the cost of registration for your Workshop + Membership, and $50 on subsequent workshops over the Non-Member Price.

I don’t want to pay for my workshop with a PayPal account. What can I do?
You don’t need one! PayPal is the vendor that processes our credit card payments, but you don’t need a PayPal account to checkout by credit card online. Just proceed to the next page and enter your info.

I want to sign up for a workshop, but it says the registration is closed.
That often means that the workshop is full! You can call us at 212-966-4510 x646 to be put on the wait list. Once you’ve been added to the wait list, if space opens up in the workshop, we will contact you to let you know you have the option to register, and you can pay and complete your registration with us by phone.

Taking a Workshop

Why didn’t I get printed curriculum in my workshop?
DCTV has taken steps to go green and provides curricula on eReaders at the workshop. Curriculum for a workshop in Production is sent via email before the workshop, and you are welcome to print it out if you’d like.

I need to miss a session of this workshop, can I make it up in another section?
Our Workshops Policies state that there are absolutely no make-ups for missed workshop sessions. We take our Policies seriously because they allow us to provide quality low-cost workshops with small class sizes. The particular policy of no make-ups of a missed part/session of the workshop is something we are firm about. Having new students arrive mid-workshop can be distracting for instructors and fellow students, and is often detrimental to the camaraderie fostered in the workshop setting. Thank you for your understanding.

Why can’t I take home the footage I shot? I thought I could leave with a new project!
Most of our workshops are process-based rather than product-based, and with the exception of particular in-depth workshops such as Docu Intensive and Audio Storytelling, the goal is not for you to create original work, but rather for you to learn skills and gain hands-on experience. We want you to spend time in your workshop practicing, and interacting with the equipment, software, instructor and your classmates. We don’t want you to spend time waiting for files to transfer to drives!

Have other questions? Email workshops (at)