Young Women of Cinema Application

Please use the online form below to submit your application to the Young Women of Cinema program.

To apply you must be:

  • A young woman residing in NYC
  • Age 18-24

Please enter your preferred email address.

Due to the independent nature of the class and the use of expensive equipment, references are required.

Please choose two of the following options to submit above as a brief writing sample. Written answers should be no more than 700 words. Remember: be creative!

  • Option 1: As a filmmaker, you will have to get people to support you in your work to see your vision become a reality. This is done in a pitch, a written or verbal summary of the documentary or narrative film you would like to create. In a page or less, please pitch us your vision for a documentary/ short narrative film you would like to make.
  • Option 2: Identify up to three directors that inspire you to learn more and explain why.
  • Option 3: Why do you think it is important for women to be involved in filmmaking? What goals would you like to achieve with this program?

By selecting YES, you agree to spend significant time out of class working on assignments, editing, viewing assigned films, and attending video and film related events.