The Media Fellowships


Media Fellows:

  • Create films that inspire community change
  • Receive hands-on media production training
  • Network with professional filmmakers
  • Earn school/community service credit

Media Fellows I

Beginner Level
High School students (Grades 9-10) learn the basics of documentary filmmaking, including camera operation, editing skills, interviewing and media literacy. The Junior Fellows produce a series of projects including a collaborative fiction project, and a group documentary. Additionally, students in this program have the opportunity to curate Docu-Jam, a youth documentary film festival. Graduates are eligible to apply for the Media Fellows II Program.

Program Term: January 2020 - May 2020
Program Days: Tuesdays [4pm-6pm] / Saturdays [10am-4pm]
Where: DCTV, 87 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013
To apply via our website click here.

Media Fellows II

Intermediate Level Training
High School students (Grades 10-11) must have completed at least one year of media arts instruction at DCTV or at an equivalent media program. At the advanced level of training, students learn the art of documentary filmmaking through intensive studies in camera operation, lighting, sound, editing, research, interviewing and more. Intermediate Fellows create two original video projects: a group project and an individual piece. Application Closed

Media Fellows III

Pre-professional Level Training
High School students (Grades 11-12) must have completed at least two years of media arts instruction at DCTV or demonstrate advanced video production and post-production skills. Students continue intensive, hands-on instruction and practice in camera operation, lighting, sound engineering, editing, sound design, research, interviewing and more. Senior Fellows research, write, shoot, and edit a self-portrait and an individual project of choice. There are opportunities for Senior Fellows to participate in domestic and international reporting assignments. Application Closed