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Media Fellows 2016-2017 (Beginner & Intermediate Levels):
Students Learn the basics of documentary film-making, including camera operation, editing skills, interviewing and media literacy. Graduates are eligible to apply for the Intermediate Media Fellows Program. Meal and transportation stipend, included. More Info >
Application Deadline: Closed

Young Men of Color Media Literacy Group: Students participate in conversations about the representation of young men of color in television, movies, music and news media. Participating students study media literacy, media production, and investigate their own lives with a working male artist of color, creating a series of narrative and documentary short films. More Info >
Application Deadline: Closed

Summer Media Fellowship Collaborative filmmaking and media arts, media literacy, video production, editing and story telling through digital video production. Participating students create narrative, documentary, or experimental short films and develop web content. More Info >
Application Deadline: June 16, 2017