Far flung visitors travel to DCTV for Media Enabled Musketeers.

To share our experience of international youth filmmaking exchange program with our friends and peers, DCTV and Doroga produced a collaborative manual.

Donors from all over the world helped us raise over $10,000 to launch our newest youth program, Young Women of Cinema!

"Among all our activities, we absolutely find working with young artists the most rewarding."

PRO-TV is working on some exciting things!

Fri, 11/04/2016 - 7:00pm

DCTV’s PRO-TV is proud to shine the spotlight on culminating works from a dynamic group of emerging media professionals in our Young Women of Cinema program!

“There is no media middle ground out there for me and my mother that can help us navigate and fuse our differences. We have to make that media on our own.”

“When I told my father I wanted to be a filmmaker, he asked me to name one Puerto Rican filmmaker and I couldn't do it."

"Being part of an international team collaborating to tell a story gave me more of an educational opportunity than I’d ever experienced before. This trip changed me."

“When I had little more than a dream and an uncertain future, DCTV put a camera in my hand, taught me real skills, and cemented a love for film in my heart.”